Meet the Staff

Neal Lanning

Neal has been flying for over 30 years; he first obtained his license back in 1978. Over his long aviation career he has obtained more than 9200 hours of flight experience, with over 2000 of that in helicopters alone. Hes type rated on the Falcon 20, Citation Jets 1 thru 7, Cessna Conquest, King Air 90/200. His helicopter experience ranges from R-22, R-44, Bell 206, AS-365, S-76, and Bell 430.

Photo of Owner

Keith Thornton
Cheif Flight Instructor

Keith grew up on a small farm in south central Pennsylvania. His hero is his father who is a family doctor and all around great dad. He graduated from Shippensburg University and became a lab technician for Valley Quarries. During his time there he learned about Advanced Helicopter Concepts in a conversation with a former student. Acting on a life long fascination with aviation Keith began his training in 2011. In 2013 he completed CFI and CFII and began working as an instructor. Keith holds a deep passion for aviation and works hard to impart that passion to those he instructs. He takes pride in giving quality instruction.

Photo of Cheif Flight Instructor

John Phelps
Flight Instructor

John was born and raised in Southern Maryland. Since he was young he has always wanted to be a pilot. He has been flying for two and a half years and received his CFI and CFII. During this time, he also worked with Advanced Helicopter Concepts helping with maintenance and learning about the helicopters inside and out. John is a low-key and friendly person who is very passionate about flying and teaching. He strives to deliver the best instruction he can to every student.

Photo of Flight Instructor

Robert Bartoli
Director of Maintenance

Robert has been an Aircraft Mechanic for over 20 years. He started his career with Landmark Aviation while working part time for Advanced Helicopter Concepts. Once the company's fleet grew he was hired on full time and has been employed over 10 years. Robert takes great pride in his work. The safety of the Instructors and Students is of the Utmost importance.

Photo of Director of Maintenance

Zach Castle
Aircraft Mechanic

Zach grew up around the aviation community, with his father being a pilot. He started off as Line Crew (Towing, Fueling, and Dispatching Aircraft) for Landmark Aviation. He was always mechanically inclined and decided to be an aircraft mechanic. He has been working on aircraft for over 2 years now with Advanced Helicopter Concepts.

Photo of Aircraft Mechanic

Nathan Frye
Office Manager

Nathan grew up in South Carolina. Upon graduating from high school he joined the USMC. He served for 5 years as a plane captain on F-18 Hornets. Once his enlistment contract was up, he decided to pursue his career as a pilot. He was hired on at his current role, while continuing to complete his CFI and CFII.

Photo of Office Manager