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What To Expect:

The Advanced Helicopter Veterans Official will complete the VA Enrollment Form (DD 22-1999). We send everything to the VA for their final approval of benefits. The VA will send an award letter stating that your application and enrollment have been approved. This process can take from three to six weeks.

Advanced Helicopters will allow you to enroll and begin training before your award letter has been approved, however the VA will only begin benefits after the approval date with one exception; The VA does not allow an applicant to be enrolled in more than one course at a time. Students may be co-enrolled in the Instrument and the Commercial Courses. Before enrolling in another course, you must either graduate from the course or the Advanced Helicopter Concepts Veterans Official must officially notify the VA by letter of the change of course.

How will the VA pay?

  • The VA will issue payment directly to Advanced Helicopter Concepts.
  • The VA will issue payment once a month up to your Eligible Maximum
  • The VA will only pay up to 60% of the approved charges
  • AHC will then create an account that the student will use to supplement his training.
  • 100% of the money received will go towards flight training (Funds cannot go towards books or other costs)

Create a Log-in account for Flight Training or Call (301) 694-5313 and Tell them you’ve just signed up for VA Benefits and we’ll get you signed up!