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The private pilot certificate is the first step for those with no helicopter experience. As a private pilot, you can fly for personal use and carry passengers. It may be your final goal or just the beginning of the journey to becoming a professional pilot. Either way, it is here where the foundation of your technique, knowledge and judgment is formed.

Stage one: Pre-Solo

During the first stage of training, you will learn the skills necessary to safely solo the helicopter. Training will include normal airport operations and emergency procedures. Successful completion of stage one ends with a solo flight!

Stage Two: Cross-Country

During this stage of training you will learn the skills necessary to navigate to other airports and communicate with air traffic controllers.

Stage Three: Pre-Checkride

The final stage of training involves preparing for the FAA exam. No new maneuvers are introduced, but all previous training is reviewed and improved upon in preparation for the checkride. Upon successful completion of this phase of training, you will be a private pilot!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a minimum of 40 hours of experience in helicopters for the Private Pilot Certificate. However, the average student usually takes a more realistic 50-60 hours to obtain the private certificate. This total flight time consists of both dual instruction and solo flight.

  • Dual Instruction $315 per hour
  • Solo Rate $265 per hour
  • Ground Instruction $60 per hour
  • Estimated Cost of Private Pilot Certificate $11- $13,000

This estimate includes flight hours, ground school, materials, and testing fees that you might expect to spend while obtaining the private pilot certificate.