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Teaching Others What You Have Learned

So you have earned your commercial pilot certificate and now you want to fly helicopters for a living. But all the “pilot wanted” ads require thousands of hours of helicopter experience.

The best way to build the flight time you need, while sharpening your own skills, is to become a certified flight instructor. Not only will instructing make you better pilot, you will have a tremendous and lasting impact on your students.

To earn the Certified Flight Instructor rating, you will need to be able to perform flight maneuvers to commercial standards from the instructor’s seat, while explaining what you are doing. You will be trained in the fundamentals of instruction and effective teaching techniques. You will learn to create your own lesson plans, where you are able to develop and teach the lessons you have created to an instructor. The CFI rating is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding.

In order to take the checkride for the Certified Flight Instrument rating, you will need to first have a commercial helicopter license. In order to teach students in the Robinson R22 or R44, you will need 200 hours in helicopters, and 50 in the Robinson.

The certified flight instructor rating is the fourth step in the professional pilot program.

  • Dual Instruction $315 per hour
  • Ground Instruction $60 per hour
  • Estimated cost $5,000