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Becoming a Professional Pilot Begins Here…

The commercial pilot certificate is required to fly for hire, and is the third step in the professional pilot program.

Stage One: Fundamentals of Commercial Flight

During this phase of training, you will learn to perform the required maneuvers to the higher standard necessary to earn a commercial pilot certificate. You will learn the new rules and regulations that apply to you as a commercial pilot. This stage includes both dual instruction and solo flight.

Stage Two: Night & Cross Country Operations

This stage will teach you how to fly the airplane safely using practical exercises. You will refine your night, mountain flying and navigation skills. Training will focus on real world flying experiences and how best to safely complete the job at hand. This stage includes both dual instruction and solo flight.

After completing the commercial pilot program, you will have the improved skill and knowledge base necessary to work as an airplane pilot.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires a minimum of 250 hours in powered aircraft for the Commercial Pilot airplane Certificate. This total flight time consists of both dual instruction and solo flight.

  • Dual Instruction $190 per hour
  • Solo Rate $140 per hour
  • Ground Instruction $50 per hour
  • Estimated cost for an instrument rated private pilot $3,000